Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Federalism on the Ropes.

Recent developments in the governance of our proud nation begs one to ask, "How much control does Washington D.C. really need?"
We have all begun to watch the congress, now with the help of the White House, plunge their hands deeper and deeper into the pockets of the taxpayer. Promises abound, "Great tax cuts for 95% of the population". Little do they mention the new hidden taxes to be laid on the steps of U.S. business. The cost, as a matter of economics, will be added to the price of their products.
These increases will be passed on to all, especially hitting hard those on fixed incomes who will see no tax benefit whatsoever. The price of "Made in the USA" going up means some things for sure. Fewer exports, losses of manufacturing jobs, and dwindling local tax bases.

That is just the "
cap and trade" pitfalls, and if you like the way the government has managed A.I.G., your gonna love what they do with health care. Tweets..................

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