Monday, October 26, 2009

Energy, Carbon and Politics

A measure of forward thinking is required now the that congress, with their misguided way, have decided to travel the cap and tax route to economic destruction. We will be rid of them shortly. In the mean time concentration should be given to the growth of our wounded science ambitions. Our best minds now go to the CERN to seek their goals of discovery. Even Hollyweird sets their 'little boy' 30 mil$ flicks in western Europe. {I like those movies anyway.. I'm only 44yrs old!) The first thing I do when confused about matters like this is to strip it back to a simple question. In this case I found 2 queries that could not be separated. At least not at first.

Query 1 seems to be easy, ~lol~, but it is to maintain global hydrocarbon output levels at a certain percentage in the atmosphere regardless of global population emissions. "yeah right!" This is so far fetched that a person that believes that the human collective can accomplish this via a "big Brother" and a "CO2 Chi town style" board of exchange, well, just grow up. That is just another Ponzi scheme for rich dudes that are well studied in pushing pretty looking pieces of worthless paper. We need concrete (ie physicial) solutions.

Query 2 [a challenge] We make "Green Energy" without destroying thousands of acres with wires, windmills, and huge solar farms that the only benefits go only for the tax 'write off', taken by stockholders via dividends. [I'll not even start on what solar farms do to the wildlife!]

A step by step idea:

1) Boot the politicians to start with.. we can seek their help later
2) Nuke Plants. (100-150 will do)
   a) fact- unless you eat the waste, you will be Ok.
   b) Even the French are better at it than we are!
3) Devlop the 'High science' of creating diffrences in potential. Energy in its
crude form is nothing more than mass seeking balance in time and space.
4) Micro-generation: This concept is boundless. What if every street sign, billboard and building that you could see was painted in a photo-voltac layer of paint that feeds energy back into to smart distribution grid? Just expensive paint that would pay ya back in a few years no matter what.
5) Be nice to the politicians and try to explain it to them.
         [If all else fails try a campaign contribution.]

All this seems a bit on the rash side..{I admit).. but if you put the chatter from outside away and just think in the physical world, it becomes apparent that the 'nuke' option is all that is left for now. We can create our own energy and yeah..."don't forget to plug in the car" will be a phrase heard daily around the world.

One last thing. For all you nuts that think if we threaten our factories with the 'Carbon fired' tax knife & think that they will keep their money (n jobs) here.. your just freakintg nuts. {would U leave Ur money somewhere where it looses value?) Tweets..................

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